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Need ideas for new posts?

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Let your Visitors, Google Analytics and Power BI help you!

Original sourceMicrosoft Power BI Community - Ruth Pozuelo - Curbia Blog

If you are like me, you have probably stared at a white page wondering what your next topic should be on your blog or what additional content could be relevant for my site. I have written about the everything, what else could be said?

With our new dashboard, you will get help from your site visitors to get ideas on new topics.To be able to recreate this dashboard you need to configure site search in your site.

Don’t, worry it is very easy to do.

What insights can we get with this dashboard?

As we normally do, let’s start with the results first:


Curbal blog

In this dashboard you will be able to understand:

  • Find ideas for new content
  • Find new topics that your readers would be interested in
  • Understand if your blog is driving the right users to your site
  • Are your important pages hidden from your readers?
  • What is your audience looking for in your site
  • Publish your content on the most relevant places on your site.

As we normally do, let’s start with the results first:

What insights can we get with this dashboard?

If you would like to see a live version of the dashboard, you can watch it in our YouTube Channel, but if you prefer text, continue reading.

Don't want to create the Power BI file?

If you are a member on our site (it's free), you can download it by following this link. You will also get an in-depth guide on how to use the dashboard.

You will need also to change the data source from my account to your Google account.

Creating the dashboard: Get Data

Building the Dashboard


Create the visualisations

Custom visualisations

Now its your turn, what gold is your site search hiding?