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Welcome to Module Four - Working with Power BI Service

Publishing Power BI Desktop file to Power BI Online Service

To publish a report to Power BI service online all you need to do is click the Publish icon.

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Quick Insights

Having published your report to Power BI service you can initiate an automatic analysis of your data using artificial intelligence (AI).

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Configuring a Dashboard

A dashboard is your user's interface to your report.   

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Adding Textboxes, Image, Widgets

Power BI Online has several options

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Pinning a Live Page

If I update a report the dashboard will reflect those changes but any changes to the filters or the layout of the chart will not.

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Natural Language Queries

Ask questions of your data like you do when you search the internet.

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Featured Questions

Quite often a department or individual will ask the same questions.

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Sharing a Dashboard

Power BI really comes into its own when reports are shared with people across the organisation in a format that is meaningful to individuals.

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Uploading Modified File

Data changes will arise and data models need to update to show the latest version.

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Viewing dashboard, reports and Navigation

Often dashboards, reports display a lot of content, which means to be able to view all the visuals users will have to scroll up and down the page.

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Power BI App

Windows Tablet, Android, iPad, iPhone App

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Printing Dashboards

Printing a dashboard and or reports is a straightforward process.

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Publishing to Web

I have shown how to share and print but there is another way to share your report.

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Admin Portal

You may be thinking how can you determine what users can and cannot do.

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The workshop is an important opportunity for you to confirm what you do or don’t understand. Mistakes are often a better learning experience than getting everything right the first time so if you do make mistakes no one needs to know. On the positive side, you are unlikely to repeat your error. Good luck.

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