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MS Power BI - Gladiator Academy - Five of Five Modules

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Welcome to Module Five - Working with Power BI Service

Importing Excel table into Power BI

Importing your Excel files into Power BI is straight forward process. 

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Importing Excel Data Model into Power BI

If you are an Excel user you probably have Excel BI files? Uploading and sharing the data to Power BI is a straightforward process. 

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Connecting Your Excel Workbook to OneDrive for Business

One Drive for Business offers, check-in, check-out, and version control capabilities. In other words, you can go back in time with a couple of clicks.

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The workshop is an important opportunity for you to confirm what you do or don’t understand. Mistakes are often a better learning experience than getting everything right the first time so if you do make mistakes no one needs to know. On the positive side, you are unlikely to repeat your error. Good luck.

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