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“My courses will guide you to a turning point in your learning. If you’ve struggled to learn Data Analysis, Power BI, and how to translate your ideas into informative reports, then I personally guarantee you’ll break through upon completing this course.” — Christopher Bird

  • Prudently crafted explanations refined over years of teaching beginners just like you. Succinct, friendly, appealing.
  • Study Data Analysis, Power BI, and more while building real world dynamic business reports.
  • Focus your learning on the truly important concepts to be productive as quickly as possible.
  • Download databases, Power BI files many with Before and After folders allowing you to quickly track the how and why.
  • Review sessions that consolidate topics to their essence while helping you to develop your understanding.
  • Workshop challenges help to strengthen your thoughts and learning. Compare how you solved the challenge with solution files. Students enjoy a private Facebook community of other learners who wish to share and compare their learning techniques to solve the challenges of acquiring new skills.
  • Life time students have access to courses to take them beyond the basics and keep them ahead of inevitable technological changes.
  • Take video quizzes to test your knowledge before moving forward.

30 hours of video plus many hands-on workshop challenges to really sharpen your learning.

"With Bi, you can increase efficiency, enhance revenue, retain customers, consolidate businesses, improve productivity, and lower operating costs" 

  • Benchmark your pricing against competitors
  • Improve your sales operations and follow-up processes
  • Find insights and create coaching opportunities for your sales team

 No programming skills required making it ridiculously easy for end users.

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​Module One

Software you need

Synopsis of Power BI

How to connect to Software Services

Power BI Desktop Modelling & Data Modelling in Power BI Desktop

How to Connect to an Access Database

Data transformation

Connecting to files in a folder

Less Structured Data

Create tables within Power BI


​Module Two

Managing Data Relationships

Creating Calculated Columns

Optimising Models for Reporting

Forming Calculated Measures

Produce Calculated Tables

Time Intelligence

Create tables within Power BI


​Module Three

Create Pie Chart & Treemap


Bar Chart with Line

Scatter Chart

Waterfall Visual

Gauge, Card & KPI Visuals

Colour Controls, Reference Lines and Borders

Shapes, Textboxes and Images

Page Layout and Formatting

Visual Relationships

Duplicate Page

Categories with No Data

Default Summarisation and Categorisation

Z Order

Focus Mode & See Data


R-Visual Integration


​Module Four

Publishing Power BI Desktop file to Power BI Online Service

Quick Insights

Configuring a Dashboard

Adding Textboxes, Image, Widgets

Pinning a Live Page

Natural Language Queries

Featured Questions

Sharing a Dashboard

Uploading Modified File

Viewing dashboard, reports and Navigation

Power BI App

Printing Dashboards

Publishing to Web

Admin Portal


​Module Five

Importing Excel table into Power BI

Importing Excel Data Model into Power BI

Connecting Your Excel Workbook to One Drive for Business