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Future Economies

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BBC Radio 4

On Start the Week Andrew Marr looks ahead to a future dominated by automation, cyber security, the 'sharing economy' and advanced life sciences with the innovation expert Alec Ross, computer scientist Steve Furber and the journalist Paul Mason who predicts such changes heralding a post-capitalist world.

But cutting-edge advances in robotics and computers will have a huge but uneven impact on working lives: while previous industrial revolutions affected blue collar workers, in the future traditionally middle class jobs will be under threat. The journalist Hsiao-Hung Pai focuses on the most marginalised sector of the white working class - the British far right.

Producer: Katy Hickman.

BBC Radio 4 Podcast

The program raises some interesting implications for us all.

What do you think?

Future Economies
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Future Economies
Alec Ross is a leading innovation expert.The Industries of the Future is published by Simon & Schuster. Steve Furber is the ICL Professor of Computer Engineering in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester. Hsiao-Hung Pai is a journalist and writer. Paul Mason predicts a post-capitalist world authored 'A Guide to Our Future is published by Allen Lane.'
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